Secure the Job: Breaking into Security podcast

Breaking Down the Cybersecurity Industry with Stephanie, Ilana, and Evan

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Secure the Job: Breaking into Security is hosted by three young professionals working in Cybersecurity at Microsoft. They've witnessed the current skills gap first-hand and created this podcast to help you, our future defenders, break into the industry. In each episode, they'll interview executives, influencers, and frontline defenders to break down the Cybersecurity industry while teaching you the skills you need to be successful in any role! Here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect this season.  



In This Episode You Will Learn:    

  • How each host got started in the world of cybersecurity 
  • Why they decided it was important to start the podcast 
  • What Microsoft is doing for the security industry 

Some Questions We Ask:    

  • How can you be successful in marketing, sales, or engineering? 
  • Do you need to be a tech expert to be successful in Cybersecurity?  
  • How can we help you, our future defenders, break into the industry? 



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