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Building a More Diverse Workforce with Naria Santa Lucia

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Naria Santa Lucia, Microsoft's GM of Philanthropies, joins Stephanie, Ilana, and Evan on this week's episode of Secure the Job: Breaking into Security. Naria oversees Microsoft's global philanthropic strategy, grant investments, and partnerships in digital skills, computer science education, and career pathways. Naria collaborates with nonprofit organizations worldwide to help millions of people thrive in the digital economy and is currently the Chair of the World Bank's Solutions for Youth Employment. Naria discusses Microsoft's global philanthropic strategy, what different pathway in tech looks like, and what the industry can do to support the next generation of cyber defenders.


In This Episode You Will Learn:    

  • Programs our audience, early in career individuals, should look into 
  • Why it's critical to focus on career pathways for underserved communities 
  • How industry veterans can apply their skills for a new role in security 

Some Questions We Ask:    

  • What can you tell us about Microsoft’s global philanthropic strategy for helping close the skills gap?  
  • How is Microsoft partnering with organizations to empower the new generation of cyber defenders?
  • How has the pandemic accelerated digital transformation in the industry?



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