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The Statue of Liberty of Hooking Up w/ Colette McIntyre

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts
Colette McIntyre (she/her) is a fat fem service top with an architectural triumph of an ass. This Pisces Sun, Aries Rising, and Aries Moon is working in advertising (but very anti-capitalist about it) and living in New York City. She loves planning an activity, is passionate about therapy, as well as the fact that people should be hornier. Her future partner must be into long text banter, not much younger than 32 years old, and would never make an Instagram account for your pet. Colette & Host Carolyn Bergier talk about going to the opera in this episode, some of the sex negativity we’re seeing coming from Gen Z these days, hookup parties with not much hooking up, and bringing back matchmaking. If you identify as a Velma or want to head to the Alamo Drafthouse, slide into Colette’s Instagram DM’s @yungbabayaga. You can also follow the show on Instagram at @lovesapitch, and check out Carolyn at @tgicarolyn. Carolyn is even on TikTok now at @tgicarolyn. Please check out our Patreon and consider subscribing for ad-free episodes and other bonus content. And if you’re looking for love or a partner or something else, sign up to be a guest! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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