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Dating in the Friend Group w/ Olivia Titus

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15 Sekunden vorwärts
Olivia Titus (she/her) is a queer woman working in reality TV casting & development. She is newly single, an Aries, super family-oriented, and currently living in New York City. Olivia is originally from just south of Boston, likes being the more femme girl in the relationship, and is a great listener whose love languages are acts of service & quality time.  You are ideally masc or androgynous (anything but a cis straight man), not a total gym rat, and down to go out to a nice dinner. Her end goal is a monogamous relationship with marriage and kids.  In this episode, host Carolyn Bergier and Olivia talk about boundaries & dating in the friend group, cheating and the Vanderpump drama, and whether or not friends should date each other’s exes. You can find Olivia at Ginger’s in Brooklyn, or on instagram at @oliviatitusofficial as well as TikTok at @oliviatitusofficial. Check out all of our guests over on Instagram at @lovesapitch, and check out Carolyn’s personal page there at @tgicarolyn. She’s also over on TikTok at @tgicarolyn. This might be the last episode of this podcast. If you've been listening every week, thank you. It's been a fun project for me to start. You probably know, it's based on a live show that I do in Brooklyn, and I'm gonna continue to do that show, but I'm stepping away from podcasting for a little bit.  Thank You! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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