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Episode 99: Changing Pay Rates for Creatives

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

When did it become ok for people to work for free in the design community? How far can “exposure” really get you? Tune in to a special episode of After the Jump as Grace Bonney and a panel of esteemed guests in the design community discuss the changing pay rates for creatives in the era of Pintrest. She’s joined by stylist/art director Susan Brinson, photographer William Brinson, floral designer Sarah Brysk Cohen of Blossom & Branch and interior designer Emily Henderson. Tune in for an insightful and forward thinking conversation! This program was brought to you by Whole Foods Market.

“You do less work when you say no more.” [20:00]

–Susan Brinson on After the Jump

“It borders on irresponsible to start to take work for free. Exposure only gets you so far. The word exposure gives me chills these days. [28:00]

–Sarah Brysk Cohen on After the Jump

“You can’t ever ask somebody to go out of pocket. If somebody goes to you – that’s one thing. If you have a business you should be covering other peoples expenses for your business – bar none.” [30:00]

–Emily Henderson on After the Jump

“Free work, in a sense, doesn’t exist.” [30:00]

–Grace Bonney on After the Jump

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