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Episode 93: Quarterly

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Imagine getting a curated package from Pharrell in the mail? For a small fee, you can! Sound interesting? Learn more on today’s episode of After the Jump as Grace Bonney chats with Aron Levinson, Chief Revenue Officer at Quarterly, a service that lets you subscribe to fascinating individuals, who send you cool products and original letters in the mail. It’s kind of like a magazine made of people. Could this kind of interaction be the future of digital experiences? Tune in to the show and hear how Quarterly is changing the way fans interact with influencers across many different fields. This program was brought to you by International Culinary Center.

“We’ve just gotten so much smarter with our business. We’ve built a platform for influencers with true fans and a true community.” [05:00]

“I like to compare startups as a speed boat compared to a big ship. The speedboats are lots of fun.” [21:00]

–Aron Levinson on After the Jump

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