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How to Weather a Weather Storm

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This week’s episode of The Plop was proudly put together by:

Host: Peter “Larry Dobbs” Oldring

Producers: Peter Oldring, Pat Kelly, Jodie Camilleri, Chris Redman, Max Collins, Dave Shumka and Chris Kelly

Editor: Max Collins

Creative Advisers for The Plop: Ali Eisner and Ryan McMahon



“Flowers” is written and performed by  Ingrid Hansen & Victor Dolhai from SNAFU Dance

“TikTok Dad Rap” is written and performed by Todd Houseman and Ben Gorodetsky from FolkLordz 

“Little Miss Bluebell: Beauty & Make-Up Tips” is written and performed by Louis Brady

“The Pickled Veggie Club” is written and performed by Rae Lynn Carson

“Cool Ghost” is written and performed by Amy Matisyo. Additional performance and rap lyrics by Lloyd Ahlquist. Beat by NY Bangers. Thanks to Karrnnel Sawitsky

This week’s episode is brought to you by our very dear friends:

Emily Karp, Kaitlin "K-Fon" Fontana, The Mellor Family, Nick Fabin, Lindsay Bercovitch aka "Olaf", Philippe Maxim David Rabin, Collage Collage Art School And Store, Eliot Mellor, Emily Best, Evelia Eck, Jack Merchant, James Greer, Kasper Curtis, Katie Robinson, Lena Heidt, MommaRed and Shabibi.

The Plop is a Kelly&Kelly production, proudly crowdfunded on Seed & Spark

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