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Goblins Have Feelings Too

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This week’s episode of the Plop was proudly put together by:

Host: Peter “Larry Dobbs” Oldring

Producers: Peter Oldring, Pat Kelly, Jodie Camilleri, Chris Redman, Max Collins, Dave Shumka and Chris Kelly

Editor: Chris Kelly

Creative Advisers for The Plop: Ali Eisner and Ryan McMahon



“Lucy Loves Language” is written and performed by Michelle Rivard

“Zeke's House of Sound FX” is written and performed by Graham Clark

“Buzzing Out with BuzzNick”is written and performed by Cameron MacLeod. Additional voice performed by Daniel Code

“Rhyme On a Dime” is an improvised sketch performed by Louis Brady and Peter Oldring

“Goblin & Troll” is written and performed by Inessa Frantowski & Sarah Hillier

This week’s episode is brought to you by our friends Fern & Winter, Allison Rosengarten, Captain Jeremy, Colin Bercovitch, Haley MacDougall, Jack Hogan and Jasmine Lukuku

The Plop is a Kelly&Kelly production, proudly crowdfunded on Seed & Spark

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