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Intimacy and sexual pleasure - Part 2

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Is foreplay important? How do we keep long-term relationships sexually fulfilling?

In this episode, Matt and Dan continue their conversation with sexologist Madalaine Munro, and award-winning educator and writer Topher Taylor, to build a better understanding of a positive, progressive sex life for men.

Listen in as we talk kinks, connections and the simplicity of human touch.

The explicit chat continues with a few saucy jokes along the way!

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Madalaine Munro is a Somatic Sexologist and Attachment Therapist, who specialises. Her work has been featured in Women’s Health, Grazia, Cosmopolitan and Vice. She specialises in creating trauma-informed spaces, working with clients internationally in person and online, as well as running her booked out supervision for sexuality facilitators. You can follow her on Instagram here.

Topher Taylor is a sex educator, sex toy reviewer and developer and general 'tart with a heart' from South London. He has worked around the adult industry for almost 15 years; beginning in sex shops, moving into brand management and sex toy development, OnlyFans content creation and becoming an intimacy writer for various mainstream publications, television channels and social media networks. In 2017 he won the “Best Social Media” personality at the Grabbys Porn awards for his work, and he has a reputation for talking about sex ed with honesty, vulnerability, empathy and boatloads of knowledge. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram here.

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