The Love Cupboard podcast

The Love Cupboard


A new podcast dedicated to the world of sex, relationships and dating from a man’s perspective. I’m Matt Kendall, and I’m Daniel Reast and each episode, we’ll be looking in-depth at how men talk about their love lives, and how they respond to the biggest challenges in their relationships. It’s an opportunity to explore issues like commitment, attachment and communication, bringing men’s experience and difficulties into a focus which is often missed. There’s a real gap in how men talk about love, dating and sex - we want to open up and shine a light on a more progressive and compassionate masculinity. We’ll be joined by experts in love from all genders and identities - writers, journalists, activists, clinicians and more - accompanied with our own stories and experience to pick apart this crowded forum. Join us on the Love Cupboard for a unique perspective on sex, dating and relationships. Subscribe now and tune in wherever you get your podcasts.

9 Episodes