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I was delighted to talk to two of my favourite digital content creators/story tellers/trainers. For a while I've been obsessed with making dry topic training interesting. When it comes to risk and controls and in some cases the techie and seemingly irrelevant spectre of cyber threats to individuals this really proves to be challenging. So many of us have been forced to 'click through' unmemorable training just to make sure we don't appear on the naughty list. So what's the value in this training if nobody takes key messages away?

Ian Murphy from CyberOff has been making superbly memorable and accessible videos on Cyber threats. He brings the concepts to life in a truly memorable way! You can't help but come away from the viewing both better educated and wanting to wash your eyes and ears out with acid. ;-)

Simeon Quarrie from Vivida has been bringing more and more innovative training to the Security sector with a niche focus on Cyber for the last few years. We have worked together for years on some super cool initiatives including bring virtual reality Crisis Management and Cyber Response training to the masses.

I would encourage anyone looking for stand-out training to contact Ian & Simeon to see how they can help you and your organisation! Obviously mention me so I can get some free swag from them including hopefully a tee with Ian as Vanilla Ice on it! 😂

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