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Exploring Cyber Resilience with Will Dixon

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Cyber Resilience gets mentioned often and as with ‘Resilience’ there are often a million and one definitions of it! I got together with Will Dixon, the head of Cyber Security for the World Economic Forum and explored what it is! Is it:

- A Cyber Recovery Vault to guard against Ransomware? Or is that snake oil?

- Just another scenario for Operational Resilience to design for? Or is that applying an old school lens to it?

- A culture and controls within a company to minimise the likelihood of a successful Cyber attack? Or is that just a BAU CISO role?

- All of the above? Or none of the above?

Will and I meander around the topic and hopefully you find this discussion useful in your own discussions about how to prepare your organisation for the Cyber threats of the now and the future.

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