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Space Gab Podcast #212 for 02 Jan 2023

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Space Gab Podcast 7th year, HAARP 27 Dec 2022 Research Campaign asteroid bounce reception report, how HAARP and magnetosphere interact, SpaceX first launch for 2023 has 114 payloads, HAKUTO-R mission update, China's 64th rocket launch of 2022 with booster coming down as seen in video, HAARP now analyzing data from recent NASA JPL asteroid bounce Research Campaign. Report to be published when complete, First time I'm hearing about Stoke Space twitter user stoke_space and their 2nd stage return for reusability concept, New Space Global On-orbit refueling will allow satellites to operate with smaller propellant tanks while extending their range and speed of operation, Twister and Twisters, cubsats and other sats.

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