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Space Gab Podcast #211 for 26 Dec 2022

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HAARP was active on 20 Dec 2022 with transmissions for upcoming research project, Did HAARP cause the Arctic Blast?, weather manipulation, ABC News : It all started farther north, as frigid air collected over the snow-covered ground in the Arctic, Then the jet stream wobbling air currents in the middle and upper parts of the atmosphere began pushing this cold pool down into the U.S., As this arctic air is pushed into the warmer, moister air ahead of it, the system can quickly develop into serious weather — including what’s known as a “bomb cyclone," a fast-developing storm in which atmospheric pressure falls very quickly over 24 hours, These severe weather events usually form over bodies of water, which have lots of warmth and moisture to feed the storm. But with the huge amount of cold air coming through, we could see a rare bomb cyclone forming over land., South Korean pharma invests million in commercial space station developer, Axiom Space, North Korea has conducted another ballistic missile launch, WANTED : Willing subject to ... reboost a satellite in orbit, using Hubble as a demonstration, on your own dime, a spacewalk that was postponed due to a space debris alert, will happen... to install a new roll-out solar array on the International Space Station ISS, NASA's Perseverance Rover Deposits First Sample on Mars Surface, Failed launch attempt of Vega C rocket. LOS on its mission from the Guiana Space Center. It was carrying two sharp-eyed Pléiades Neo optical Earth-imaging satellites for Airbus, Arianespace confirms underpressure detected on the Vega C rocket's second stage, causing failure of launch. Airbus Pléiades Neo 5 and 6 satellites plummeted to earth as seen on animation via telemetry during LIVE FEED, Elon Musk sends message to Arianespace after their Vega C rocket launch failure, causing two Airbus satellite payloads to plummet to earth. Musk wrote, "Sorry to hear this. It is a sobering reminder of the difficulty of orbital space flight.", NASA InSight has gone silent.

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