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S2E3: Ducs, Dolomite, and Double Espresso

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Episode 3 continues our exploration of pinot noir in the Côte de Beaune by diving into one of the biggest rivalries of the Côte d'Or: Pommard and Volnay. We scour the vineyards, the rocks, and the history books in order to understand why these two neighbors produce such drastically different wines. After an intense discussion of some of our favorite sites, we veer off the beaten path of the Routes des Grands Crus, back into the western hills, making our way through Monthelie and Auxey Duresses as we head to St. Romain to consider Burgundian terroir from a different angle: through people who have made this place their home, in coffee, through barrels, and within music.

Thank you to our guests: Thomas Bouley, Guillaume D'Angerville, Frédéric and Clothilde Lafarge,  Françoise Vannier, Matt McClune of St. Romain Coffee, Max Gigandet of François Frères, to Paul Wasserman, Daniel Johnnes, and Jasper Morris for their commentary, and the Auxey Morons for the tunes and the pizza. 

Thank you to our season 2 partners for making this season possible: Becky Wasserman & CoLa Paulee, and Acker Wines

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