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S2E10: Haute Future

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The Season 2 FINALE of Roadside Terroir focuses on the hopes, challenges, and terroirs that hint at what the future has in store for the Côte d’Or. The episode begins in the southern villages of Santenay and Maranges where we hunt for granitic terroirs and discuss the growing popularity of natural wines. We then head deep into the Hautes Côtes to find the spirit of this newly popular region and attempt to identify the characteristics of its taste. Next, we visit some unassuming vineyards with exceptional farmers in order to explore the relevance of terroir in a farmer’s world. Finally, we end up right where we began, in the center of Beaune, celebrating the history of the Ventes des Vins and the exciting future of this beloved region.

Thank you to our guests: Talloulah Dubourg, Seiichi Saito, and Nicolas Faure.

And thank you to all of the incredible experts who have provided their commentary and guidance in this episode and throughout the season: Paul Wasserman, Daniel Johnnes, Rajat Parr, Jasper Morris, Françoise Vannier, Aaron Ayscough, and Helen Johannesen.

This episode was created by Brenna Quigley, Nick Canepa, and Jeff Alvarez. With support from Esa Eslami, Ali Massie, Julia Wiggin, and our Grand Cru Patrons Steven and Amy Lipin.

This episode is sponsored by The Hitching Post Wines – thank you for your generosity and for championing innovation and the love of wine in Santa Barbara County, Burgundy, and beyond

Thank you to our season 2 partners for making this season possible: Becky Wasserman & Co, La Paulee, and Acker Wines

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