Now We're Here...How Do We Get Out? podcast

Episode One - An Introduction

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Peter and Andrew explore the reasons behind the Corona virus and discuss how intensive animal agriculture could possibly lead to the evolution of a similar disease. Having both filmed in a horrendous live animal market in Indonesia, they talk about whether it’s possible for dog and cat butchers to actually learn compassion. And when the West criticise the eating practices of the East, are we actually throwing stones from our glass houses? Also, is a plant-based diet the future? If so, what are the reasons stopping people from adopting such a lifestyle? And what are conditions like in a US slaughterhouse? Peter shares are story that reveals how far removed Western practices are from animal compassion. As mentioned in the programme, Peter and Andrew spent some time filming in the terrible live animal markets in Indonesia. This is the film they produced called, 'The Long Wait to Die -Uncovering Indonesia's Extreme Meat Markets'

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