Now We're Here...How Do We Get Out? podcast

Episode Four - Juliet Gellatley | Founder of VIVA

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In this episode, Peter and Andrew speak to Juliet Gellatley. Juliet (BSc Zoology & Psychology; nutritional therapist, DIP CNM; Dip DM) is the founder and director of Viva! - a campaigning charity based in Bristol, UK and its sister group, Viva! Poland – In this open and candid conversation, they talk about her childhood, what led Juliet to become the founder of Viva and the future of intensive animal farming. No matter where you stand on the issue of meat consumption and animal welfare, this is a very compelling, friendly and accessible chat. There are surprising revelations and critical research about the world we live in and it will be hard to ignore some of the stark facts. Juliet is a brilliant, intelligent, and affable orator who is most definitely part of the solution.

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