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Skipping with Kim Corbin

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In this episode of In the Flo, Jesse shares a conversation with Kim Corbin around all things skipping. You read that right- SKIPPING! Join them as they dive into the benefits of skipping which include connecting with your inner child and a practice to raise your vibration! As an avid skipper, Kim shares the highlights of skipping along with the hardships, one being other people's judgements. To that, Kim says SKIP ANYWAY. You won't want to miss this episode, just talking about skipping will bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart!

In addition to being a Senior Publicist at the book publisher New World Library, Kim “Skipper” Corbin has been the world’s most vocal advocate for the body, mind, spirit benefits of adult skipping for over 22 years and counting. Her skipping efforts have been featured in USA Today, Time, People, and Newsweek Magazines. Visit her online at and connect with her on socials via the links below!

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