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Matt and Lianne Psoriasis Healing Warrior Origin Story Dualcast - Leaky Gut Syndrome & Psoriasis Connection - Diet, Gut Bacteria, Skin Health

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My guest in this episode is Lianne Campbell, host of the podcast “Gutted”. She has healed naturally from psoriasis with her own natural healing practice and has gained crucial skills and insight on her journey. 

She is a leading researcher in the realm of the Diet -> Microbiome -> Skin connection. Our Gut Microbiome is the collective genome of the community of trillions of microscopic critters that keep us well and balance our immune responses. I feel this microscopic community is the key mechanism in healing from psoriasis and all other chronic ailments while reaching new levels of vitality.

Lianne and I have been Warrior Friends from afar for six years. She is courageous, brilliant and empathetic. Her honor is boundless. A true warrior. I cannot wait to meet her in person and give her a huge bear hug!

To walk with Lianne on the trail she is blazing, follow her on twitter @health_fuel, visit her website fuelforhealth.co.uk and subscribe to her podcast, “Gutted” on iTunes.

This is our origin story. We share our experience of healing rom psoriasis around the campfire in this legendary “dualcast” that you are going to benefit from immensely. Take a deep breathe, sip on some water, open your mind and let us begin.

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