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EP#90 How To Let Go Of The Old Version Of Yourself And Become Who You Were Meant To Be

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What are you currently resisting in your life that's bringing you pain, and frustration and keeping you spinning your wheels in the same spot? It's resistance vs. acceptance that keeps you stuck in the past and doesn't allow you to move forward. To become the next version of yourself, you have to let go of the old version of yourself!

It's time to supercharge your forward movement by allowing things to be as they are not as you wish them to be. This will mean the letting go, the acceptance and the death of an old version of yourself that's no longer useful to you in your journey. In fact, it's keeping you from making progress so we need to address it and let it rest in peace.

Choosing to accept yourself and your experiences allows you to be free to move forward in a way that's peaceful and true to you! Acceptance is the path to more freedom in your life.

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