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EP#89 Be Grateful For the Journey You're On: How To Cultivate A Gratitude Mindset

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When you're growing, making change happen, and moving forward, there's this part of the journey you're on after you begin and before you reach your goals called the Middle Ground.

It's this messy middle that is required to go through to get to the other side of a goal and it also presents the most challenge along the way.

The beginning can be fun and exciting and also really scary which is why so many people don't even show up to the start line. The end of a goal is the achievement and the time for setting a new goal! The finish line brings pride in self, joy, and celebration.

And then there's the middle ground when you're actually running the race and putting all the work in. It's this middle ground when so many people quit because IT GETS HARD. And IT STAYS HARD for a while until you keep reaching new levels.

I'm talking today about how we can use this middle ground and see it for what it is and use it as a means to find the joy in the journey!

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