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EP#85 The 3 Most Powerful Takeaways From Seeing David Goggins, Ed Mylett & Andy Frisella In Person

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I believe who we surround ourselves with impacts our lives greatly! That's why I'm apart of one of the best coaching groups in the world, Arete' Syndicate. It's changed how I show up in my life and my business for the better. 

I attended our annual event with David Goggins as the guest speaker. An entire day being poured into by Goggins, Andy Frisella, and Ed Mylett does something to a person! I'm sharing with you the 3 most powerful takeaways I got from each of these incredible humans in this podcast episode! 

These 3 points could be the reminders you need to start your Fierce Forward movement today or they could be what you need to remind you to never give up!

Press play and Fierce Forward for you!

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