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EP#82 Energy Flows Where Intention Goes. How To Use The Past, Present & Future to Leverage Your Growth

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“Where attention goes, energy flows; where intention goes, energy flows!” ~James Redfield


If you feel like you’re stuck and can’t move forward, it might be because you’re focusing mostly in your past pain or your future fear & worry. Don’t worry, I’m explaining what I mean in today’s really fun episode where I’m shedding light on how what we choose to focus on, creates our lives! 


There are 3 places we can engage with: the past, the present & the future. Most often we use the past by holding onto pain and living with it, we use the present challenges to keep us down and we use the future as a source of fear, concern & anxiety. But none of these ways of using the past, present or future actually moves us forward to what we really want. 


What I’m sharing with you in this episode today is that you can use these forums AS TOOLS to help shape your forward movement and actually HELP DRIVE YOU FORWARD in your life!


“When you decide to take full responsibility for where you focus your attention, you become the Creator of your life.”

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