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EP#76 Be Willing To Outgrow Yourself

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There comes a time on all of our journeys when we feel stuck, stagnant and questioning the path we’re on. Like we *know inherently that we’re not where we’re supposed to be. 


While this time feels like a messy middle and the word confusing seems to be at the epicenter of it all, I also think this is the time for self-reflection. To stop and look at yourself and ask, “What is really off here?” 


I think this time is a sign you’ve outgrown where you’re at and you’re ready for something new. Be willing to outgrow yourself. To move forward, you just might have to give yourself permission to change, evolve and grow into who you really are. 


This was me a few months ago when I felt like something was missing and I wasn’t sure what was actually going on in my life…


In this episode, I’m sharing where I’ve been the past couple months, starting my journey of Self Love and healing and why I put a break on the FF Podcast. Change isn’t easy but it’s necessary if you want to stay on a path that’s true to you. 


Press play and Fierce Forward for you…


Key Takeaways:

~Feeling stuck is a sign that it’s time to stop and reflect where you’re at, where you came from and where it’s true to go next.

~Sometimes we need to step away from our old roles to find the path that’s true for ourselves



~ “Let it be ok to be exactly where you are.” 

~ “One of the most honest answers you could ever answer is to admit that ‘you don’t know.’”

~ “You can’t be your best for the world if you first aren’t your best for you.”


Resources & mentions:

~ The Holistic Psychologist Self Healer’s Group

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