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EP#74 Be Real To Grow Your Business On Social Media

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Do you run your own business and feel like you're always trying to be like everyone else and it's just so hard...

You're going to learn in this episode that in the end, it's just about being yourself. That's why I brought today's guest on, Stephanie of Cool Mom CEO.

Stephanie helps businesses create killer content and have fun while doing it!

For those of us who run businesses and brands on social media, showing up authentically has never been more important.

In this video Stephanie shares her top marketing tips on TikTok & Instagram, how to show up authentically and why it's never been more important to BE REAL.

Key Takeaways:

  • Stephanie shares how she went from 0 to 70k+ TikTok followers in 6 months

  • Instagram stories for building a genuine community around your brand

  • How to use HUMILITY with yourself to keep showing up day after day!

  • Letting your work be a creative process vs. a perfect end result

  • How to be relatable and share the REAL YOU with your followers!

Follow Stephanie on Instagram  & TikTok @coolmomceo

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