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EP#73 10 Daily Habits For Happiness

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What does happiness mean to you?

I'd be willing to bet part of your definition of happiness would be connection to yourself. The times I've been unhappy in my life are the same times I've been out of connection with myself. My heart, my purpose, my goals and dreams and what I needed to take care of me.

From sitting down and writing out all the things that make me happy and bring me back into connection with myself, I created a list of 7 daily habits to follow. 

Since following them, I am happier because I am more connected to source. These daily habits will ground you and remind you that this journey of life is yours and yours alone to walk. 

You are the only one who can truly bring you lasting happiness. It starts with what you do on the daily. Start implementing these 7 daily habits for happiness and let me know how they're working for you!

Key Takeaways:

  • hold tight to 'your anchors' and do them every day
  • being creative is an important key to your happiness
  • no one else can make you happy, it's your job and responsibility

Journal Questions from the episode:

  1. what is my intuition telling me right now?
  2. what is it I know I need to do that I’m not doing?
  3. what is my next step?

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