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Ep #25 Varna Shashidhar (Landscape Architect), VSLA

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On the first episode of the new season of Everything Comes Together, Sreenag speaks with the talented landscape architect, Varna Shashidhar of VSLA.

We talk about her process and philosophy as a landscape architect, the importance of training & experience in her journey and bringing creative professionals together. This episode is essential listening to young architects or architecture students.

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Guest: Varna Shashidhar (Landscape Architect) (VSLA: www.instagram.com/vslalandscape) www.vsla.in (Design United: www.instagram.com/designunited_in_

Host:B.R.S.Sreenag (Sreenag Pictures) www.sreenagpictures.com (www.instagram.com/sreenag)

Post-production: GS Mohan (www.instagram.com/photosofmaf)

Original Music: Aashray Harishankar (Escapist Music) www.instagram.com/escapistmusic

Photo Credits: The photographs used in the video were provided by VSLA.

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