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Olof Mathe, the founder of Mixmax, one of the most well-renowned email communication products, shares his thoughts on:

  • How he and his team discovered product-market fit for Mixmax...
  • Key metrics for early-stage startups - how they changed everything for Mixmax
  • What led Mixmax to spread like a wild fire...from 0 to 5000 customers without spending a penny on marketing
  • How Mixmax discovered its vision and foundational purpose
  • Attitudinal difference between millennial sales professional and the previous generations


About Olof Mathe:

  • Founder and CEO of Mixmax
  • Prior to that, Olof led the team that built Inkling Habitat and Skype.
  • Olof grew up in Sweden and finished his engineering degree in France.
  • Fun Fact about Olof: He co-founded an art hackathon where Digital artists and hackers get together in an art space and create full-fledged art exhibit within 24 hours. This hackathon was featured in TechCrunch and FastCompany.

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