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42. Deviant Ollam

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There’s a lot of overlap between hackers and sex workers. The two demographics share obstacles regarding constant misrepresentation and the threat of reactionary government and prosecutorial overreach. Deviant Ollam, a renowned lock-pick in both the digital and physical realms, noticing these areas of shared threat and interest, began freely offering his expertise in physical and digital security basics training for sex workers.

In today's episode, Deviant and I talk about assessing one's personal "threat model", managing the delicate balances between freedom, safety and security, what kinds of crazy gadgets are out there to both compromise and assure your safety, and the perfect way to construct an impenetrable password.

ADSW is produced by Blair Hopkins, and brought to you in part by SWOP-Behind Bars. Music by New Orleans' own Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes. Special thanks as always to Alex Andrews. All in a Day's (Sex) Work is an ever-expanding narrative; if you are a sex worker, partner, patron or other adult industry-adjacent person, I want to hear from you! Email me at [email protected].

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