The Sounds in My Head podcast

S20,E08: 07/03/23 (Dayaway, Sylvie, Nicky Hopkins, Joanna Sternberg, Arthur Russell, Dur-Dur Band, Courrier Sud, Los Bitchos)

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Season 20 Episode 8

  1. Hot Blue Summer - Dayaway
  2. Shooting Star - Sylvie
  3. Further Down the Road (Maston Remix) - Sylvie
  4. Waiting for the Band - Nicky Hopkins
  5. You Have Something Special - Joanna Sternberg
  6. This Is Not Who I Want To Be - Joanna Sternberg
  7. I Never Get Lonesome - Arthur Russell
  8. Iowa Dream - Arthur Russell
  9. Wan Ka Helaa - Dur-Dur Band Int.
  10. Riyo - Dur-Dur Band Int.
  11. Love Missive - Courrier Sud
  12. Fool Moon - Courrier Sud
  13. Trapdoor - Los Bitchos

This episode features a clip from a recent episode of Sam Harris’ podcast Making Sense, where he talks about the incomprehensible waste of collective attention the human race has wasted on about the least important human to ever be born. I didn’t include much of it, when he gets into a media analysis and so on, but I’m 100% with him on all of it.

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