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S20,E07: 06/19/23 (SOUNDTRACKS! Johnny Duncan, Chas McDevitt, Pellea, Gene Ski, Jackson C. Frank, John Denver, Art Garfunkel, Myie, Hannah Peel, Aimee Mann, The Lijadu Sisters, Young Bakuba Band, Lizzy Caplan)

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Season 20 Episode 7: Special “Music from Soundtracks” Episode!


Asteroid City

1. Last Train to San Fernando - Johnny Duncan

2. Freight Train - Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group

Poker Face

3. Charlie's Theme - Pellea

4. Six Foot Down - Gene Ski

5. Blues Run the Game - Jackson C. Frank

John Denver: Country Boy

6. Take Me Home, Country Roads - John Denver

The Worst Person in the World

7. Waters of March - Art Garfunkel

One More Time

8. Yours to Keep (acoustic version) - Myie

Rogue Agent

9. Just Like Heaven - Hannah Peel

Cold Feet

10. Just Like Honey - Hannah Peel

Fleishman is in Trouble

11. Wise Up - Aimee Mann

Little America

12. Come On Home - The Lijadu Sisters

Lord of War

13. Mama Africa - Young Bakuba Band

Masters of Sex

14. You Don’t Know Me - Lizzy Caplan


This episode features a clip from NPR’s Fresh Air where film critic Justin Chang reviews Asteroid City, and also a brief clip where Taffy Nivert talks about the origin of Take Me Home, Country Roads from John Denver: Country Boy.

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