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The Devil's Music 59: Melissa St. Hilaire

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The extraordinary Melissa St. Hilaire, better known on the internet as American Witch 13 is a witch, psychic medium, Paranormal investigator, writer, cat rescuer and straight up lifelong rock’n’roll chick. She’s also the creator and director of “Secrets Of the Craft” a docuseries on witches which premiered on Dead Air Full Spectrum on Oct. 4, 2023. In this Episode, hostess Pleasant Gehman caught up with Melissa just in time for Samhain- or as non-witches call it, Halloween. In this episode they talk about their shared interests: all things weird and witchy, from astral projection to ghost hunts, from spellcasting and speaking with the dead. They also get into rock’n’roll in a big way. Melissa is absolutely wild about U2 and has even wilder stories about meeting and interacting with Bono and the band over the years. Instagram, Tiktok, X & Facebook: @americanwitch13 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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