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The Devil’s Music 56: Wes Beech

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Guitarist Wes Beech was the guitarist for the groundbreaking and totally outrageous Plasmatics and along with singer Wendy O.Williams,was the only permanent band member. He also played in her solo project WOW, as well as with The Accidents, Country Bob & The Bloodfarmers and Shock Therapy. In this episode, Wes and hostess Pleasant Gehman discuss New York’s Lower East Side scene in the late 1970’s in depth. His anecdotes include stories that are like a Who’s Who of NYC punk, including everyone from Patti Smith and Tom Verlaine to The Dictators and Dead Boys. Also: synchronicity, David Lee Roth and “The Wendy Perverts” and insane Plasmatic tour stories.  Website: Twitter: @WesleyBeech Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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