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The Devil's Music 51: El Vez

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El Vez, known for decades as “The Mexican Elvis” is a rockstar, cultural phenomenon and the alter ego of early West Coast punk rock icon Robert Lopez of The Zeros and later, Catholic Discipline. But that’s not even close where it stops. He’s not just a singer and songwriter, he wrote his own chapter in John Doe and Tom Desavia’s “Under The Big Black Sun”. He’s also an artistc workaholic with multiple projects going at once. He fronts The Little Richards, recently did a tribute show covering the songs of LA punk icons The Screamers, and is touring Spain with Los Straightjackets. In this episode, Robert and lifelong pal hostess Pleasant Gehman chat about the gloomy storytelling show he created, “The Unhappy Hour” featuring his dark humor and dirge-like renditions of 70’s pop hits. They get into their shared experiences during Elvis Week the early 1990s as well as in the 70’s LA punk scene, specifically the infamous night at The Orpheum Theater, where The Germs made their first appearance ever and the Zeros made their first Los Angeles appearance and wound up getting signed on the spot by Bomp! much more. Website: Instagram: @elvezofficial , @mr.rpbertlopez Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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