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Episode 73: Scary Fun-Employment

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(I later realized the Steelers had a bye this week.)

It's election time in the US!
Stolen yard signs!
At least this didn't happen
Are a couple beers with lunch considered Day Drinking
Why Mr Fu became a Democrat... not that you asked
Darth Trump on Auralnauts is actually pretty clever!
Politics free Sunday Funday
Seriously I was trying to stop talking politics -- I'm sorry
Get money out of politics!!

Mr. Fu gets laid off! Need a consultant?
More lunchtime sex! More internet!
Mr. Swap Fu's Chili Recipe is available for the right price
Anthony Wiener needs to lose his phone
No one reads anymore -- so why am I writing this?

Mr Fu and FuGrrl talk about old ass candy
Scaring neighborhood kids is a civil right
Mr Fu is the good one -- so yes I wore white
FuGrrl suffers so much!

Glasses Talk
Cheap glasses?! FuGrrl needed a source
They have a cool tool to see what your glasses would look like on
Is it DP or PD? DP it is!

Topic Time
Calling dibs? Can it be done?
Black rings in the wild? On a basketball coach?
Shout outs to couples in Germany and Singapore
Sorry -- I didn't send out the email in time -- I will get in touch with your soon, promise!
The story of Harry, Sally, Bob and Alice -- and the Fu's get the W!
Apropos of nothing, where is Charlie Sheen?
Bemoaning the three-couple dynamic
Play early. Party late.

Girls Uncorked!
FuGrrl is passing the torch as the GUC San Antonio hostess after more than four years
All swinger women welcome: http://www.girlsuncorked.com

Going to Pittsburgh! November 10 - 14
Go Steelers!!
We want to see the driverless Ubers

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Episode Song is "Heathens" by Columbus' Twenty One Pilots

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