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Episode 71: Swingers, Birthdays, Roofers and Par-tays

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A bunch of random of shit as always.
We talk about Singles, Parties and Trump.
FuGrrl gets a tarot card reading for her birthday.

Thank you Janet!
Find sex educator Janet Treviño at http://www.janettrevino.com
Twitter: @janettrevino210
Facebook: janettrevino210

This episode's songs come courtesy of our roofers -- "DEL Negociante" by Los Plebes del Rancho de Ariel Camacho. I think it's amazing.

Translated lyrics --
They say I'm full of myself and arrogantThey can't stand seeing meI'm going forwardI'm honest and try to behave myselfWith my friends, I'm always on the up and upDon´t even try because you won't be able to --Find anythingI also know how to misbehave
Ever since I was a kid, I've liked adventuresI ask St. Jude for favorsI took the advise I wanted to takeAnd always followed my father's exampleToday I feel strong and extremely richWhen I'm next to my kids
I don't if they don't like my tattoosI'm not interested in being in anyone's good gracesI have risked -- I have sometimes wonAnd in the accounts nothing has gone wrongAnd that's how it is for us good negotiatorsI am Angel del Villar(I am Angel del Villar)
I am Angel del Villar(I am Angel del Villar)I am Angel del Villar

My fortune are my kids and my parentsA hug for all of my brothersI was a rebel who got stained by inkAnd I saw some hard times on the streetsI'll never forget the poverty...That I left there in Zacatecas
For my collection a golden toyOn the grips Karma is engravedJust as I also engraved on my skinImportant things, on my neck DELPlay me "El corrido del Mentado"To remember ARIEL!
All of these are your achievments, my fatherI followed your footsteps from Rio FrioAnd now I also have my turn to teachIn life you have to fightI retire not with out saying...I am Angel del Villar(I am Angel del Villar)I am Angel del Villar(I am Angel del Villar)I am Angel del Villar

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