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Episode 11: Queer Eye: We're in Japan! E2 (with guest Daiki Hiramori)

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Bonjour! Ep 2 of our series on Queer Eye: We're in Japan! is here, and ohhhhh things are a little serious. We talk coming out, cultural imperialism and Miz's low expectations for the show (lol). Please note that this episode contains not-really-thought-out ramblings based on our experiences, and we are definitely not representative of all queer people in Japan!

BUT ALSO! We have a very special chat with sociologist Daiki Hiramori about how he conducts research on queer demography in Japan, whether things are really getting better for queer people in Japan, and of course...boybands! It couldn't get more fun than that (at least, for Miz).

Content warnings: discussions of homophobia, transphobia, racism

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