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Episode 10: Queer Eye: We're in Japan! E1

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We're back! In this series of four monthly releases we'll be covering none other than Netflix's Queer Eye: We're in Japan!, the very special series where the Fab Five head to Japan to work their makeover magic. We dive in deep into our own personal experiences and thoughts to ramble through this episode, which covers: Fashion! Fitting in! Being a woman in Japan! Mental health stigma! Progressive Japanese celebrities! And much more.

Please note there is discussions around/mentions of: sexism, racism, mental health, bullying, and transphobia.

Japanese celebrities discussed in the podcast:

- The fabulous Ryucheru! (Instagram, Twitter, YouTube)

- The wonderful Kiko Mizuhara! (Instagram, Twitter, YouTube)

- Miz's favourite singer-songwriter and ex-boyband member Subaru Shibutani (YouTube)

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Artwork by Schoko, theme tune by Daniel Penner (dzpenner.bandcamp.com).

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