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014: Strategizing Your Focal Flower Succession Plan

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There's something magical about the transformation of a seed into the bloom of a peony or the elegant curve of a lily stem. I've spent 16 years with my hands in the soil, coaxing these miracles into life, and in today's episode, I'm opening the garden gate to share this wonder with you. We'll traverse the seasons from the eager sprigs of pussy willow in spring to the fiery chrysanthemums of autumn, and explore how cultivating a succession of focal flowers can not only beautify your space but also create a thriving business from your love of nature.

I recount the delight of teaching children, including my own daughter, about the circle of life with dried flower workshops, sparking creativity and a sense of entrepreneurship. We'll also discuss the unsung heroes of the garden, like the praying mantis, and the importance of planning for profit with long-lasting, beautiful plants. So, whether you're a seasoned grower or simply have an appreciation for the art of floristry, join me for a conversation that promises to plant seeds of inspiration for both the garden and the soul.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • - Cultivation and selection of focal flowers for a profitable cut flower garden.

  • The role of unique blooms and succession planting in maintaining a fresh market presence.

  • Tips on managing beneficial insects like praying mantises and the importance of garden planning for a successful floral portfolio.

  • Strategies for managing large quantities of flowers, including the use of a cooler to keep them market-ready.

  • The appeal of peonies and lilies for their profitability and long vase life.

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