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013: Raspberry Revelations: Turning Raspberry Foliage into a U-Pick Raspberry Patch

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When life handed me raspberries, I didn't just make jam — I started a U-pick raspberry farm alongside my thriving flower garden. It's a tale that began with the hardy resilience of raspberry foliage, something I initially cultivated for its lasting beauty in bouquets. As my garden grew, so did the requests from my community, leading me down a path to an enterprise that's as rich in berries as it is in stories. In our latest episode, I peel back the leaves to reveal the organic growth of my business, how it's been shaped by the needs and desires of those it serves and the sweet balance I've found between my floral passion and the bountiful raspberry harvest.

For anyone with a green thumb or dreams of their own agricultural ventures, this episode is ripe with insights to help you harvest success.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The transition from growing raspberry foliage for bouquets to full raspberry production due to community demand.

  • Balancing a dual-purpose garden and managing both the aesthetic and edible aspects.

  • Tips for effective raspberry farming, including plant management and harvesting techniques.

  • Implementing a pick-your-own system for the community and managing customer expectations.

  • Creative solutions for farm labor and maintenance, such as engaging local youth and regular pickers.

  • The importance of local food production and creating a family-friendly farm experience.

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