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008: Flower Farming Foundations: Starting Flower Seeds 101

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Ever wonder why some gardeners seem to have a never-ending parade of blooms? It's all about getting the seed starting right, and that's what we're unpacking today. In our chat, I'll let you in on the secret world of flower seeds, from the ones craving a sunbath like the elegant snapdragons to the shade-seekers such as demure buplerum. We'll traverse the land of dormancy-breaking, where I'll reveal my go-to tricks with vermiculite and heat mats and share stories from the field that will help you tailor your own blooming sanctuary.

You'll get the lowdown on how to harness the power of the sun with a piece of old hoop house plastic and whether it's time to raise the beds or keep things on the level. I'll also sprinkle in some wisdom on soil types, mulching marvels, and the art of meticulous germination documentation. And for those who feel seed starting is a costly affair, I'm here to remind you that beauty often begins with the most humble beginnings — yes, even those seeds from your last grocery run can transform into a mesmerizing cut flower display. 

Join us for a venture into the world of flower farming, where every seed has a story, and every gardener can create their own narrative.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Navigating germination needs of various flowers.

  • Soil temperature's role in plant growth.

  • Seed dormancy requirements for different flower types.

  • Practical advice for selecting cell sizes for seed starting and the impact on plant growth rate and transplant readiness.

  • The value of documenting soil and seed conditions to refine gardening techniques and ensure continuous blooms throughout the season.

  • Cost-effective seed sourcing.

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