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005: 3 Business Insights You Need to Implement Today & Few Unfiltered Opinions

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Have you ever felt like your business was on the brink of blooming, only to find your profits withering away? Turn that frown upside-down because today I share with you the secret fertilizer that supercharged my cut flower farm's profitability. I’m not holding back on the juicy details of the 'profit first' approach, a game-changer in the world of commerce that can take your floral dreams from seedling to full blossom. I'll guide you through the process of prioritizing owner's compensation, profit, and taxes right off the bat, ensuring your hard-earned cash is not only safe but also nurturing the continued growth of your enterprise.

Forget about being a wallflower in the cutthroat world of cut flowers — let's get hands-on with managing expenses and integrating your unique beliefs into your business! Learn how to harness the power of tools like ClickUp or Trello to keep your petals perfectly aligned and your tasks as organized as a well-tended garden. 

Whether you're a green-thumbed grower or just someone who appreciates a good blossom, join me in cultivating a path to success that's as rewarding as the sweetest-smelling rose.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The 'profit first' method for financial management in cut flower farming.

  • Strategies for maximizing profitability by allocating income into separate accounts for owner's compensation, profit, and taxes.

  • The importance of managing COGS (cost of goods sold) and overhead expenses to maintain business financial health.

  • Utilizing project management tools like ClickUp and Trello for organizational efficiency.

  • Integration of personal values and beliefs into business practices and decision-making.

  • Encouragement of community engagement through local farm stands and entrepreneurial growth.

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