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Peter Yang: A Creator’s Guide to DAOs

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The term ‘web 3’ has become more and more solidified in the last couple of months, being broadly an umbrella term for the development of all blockchain based technologies. But how does everyone and their moms actively participate in web 3 is a whole other question, and an important one as web 3 needs to gain mainstream adoption to continue to be relevant. 

Peter Yang is working on tackling this problem through an education DAO called Odyssey. Through his journey of writing web 3 beginner-friendly content and guides, such as Curious Beginner’s Guide to Crypto, or Step to Step Guide to NFTs for Creators, he’s realized just how important it is to ensure that people have a guided path when traversing into web 3. Through Odyssey, he’s hoping to help web 3 products feel more intuitive, showcasing the utility value and pushing people away from speculation, and minimizing bad experiences such as scams. 

Perhaps the more interesting story though is Peter’s experience becoming a web 3 creator and successfully creating a DAO, having won the Product Hunt Golden Kitty Award in the first year! Having had years of experience as a product leader in the Web 2 world, he is really able to compare and contrast the two modes of operating. 


Peter is the founder of Odyssey, an education DAO focused on bringing the next 1 million people to web3. Peter is also a product lead at Reddit and previously worked at Twitch and Meta. You can find his writing at creatoreconomy.so.


[2:15] Reality of being a Web 3 Creator

[3:00] Fluidity of roles in DAOs

[6:15] What does it mean to onboarding people to Web 3

[9:50] NFTs vs. regular (fungible) tokens for Creators

[15:05] Wallets as gateway to Web 3

[20:10] Peter’s experience starting a DAO

[22:15] Fundraising for a DAO

[28:00] Step to Step guide for starting a DAO

[30:35] Are DAOs worth it?

[33:40] L1s and L2s

[36:10] Education in the Metaverse

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