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Morgan Tucker: Designing for the Metaverse

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There is a tendency to think of technology as engineering and data-driven, but the art of storytelling and the power of intuition cannot be overlooked as central to building great products. Where engineering brings a product to life, storytelling envisions how the user will experience that product. And where data allows us to make decisions based on what we know, intuition allows us to predict outcomes based on what we sense given the patterns we observe. 

Especially when it comes to making innovative ideas a reality, the skill of being able to transfer these ideas to others’ minds requires great skill. In this episode, we talk to Morgan Tucker, who has honed his intuition and ability to story tell, and as a result has had a long track record of being able to imagine a future reality, and mobilize to bring a vision to life.

Given his unique background of being a creative (having gone to art school) and operating both in design and product roles, Morgan shares his perspective on building social products and how to think about the path to creating a meaningful Metaverse.

Morgan Tucker is the Head of Product, Social at Roblox, where he has spearheaded new Metaverse experiences such as the Lil Nas X concert, the Gucci Garden experience, and the In the Heights movie launch party. Previously, he was the VP of Product at imvu where he built social avatar experiences. 

[5:30] Storytelling and emotional experiences in tech

[7:50] How does a background in design inform the product experiences?

[8:45] Pushing for innovative products or ways of thinking

[12:40] Harnessing intuition in a data-driven environment

[17:20] Building credibility as a creative

[19:30] Marrying gaming and consumer social industries

[23:10] Transitioning social experiences into 3D

[28:00] Key insights for those building the metaverse

[29:00] Trends in Gen Z socializing with tech

[32:40] The ideal metaverse

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