#42 - Need Some Encouragement? | A Personal Message From Me | Practical Steps To Feeling Better

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Hey there beautiful humans.

Geepers, but its been an insane couple of months for so many people. Myself Included. And I know so many people are feeling overwhelmed and hopeless right now.

So I decided I wanted to give you a personal message of encouragement along with some of the practical steps I myself use to this day,, to not just pull myself out of a negative funk or spiral, but to also bring my mind back to a place where it can be receptive to growth, healing and solutions to the turbulence that are impossible to see when your mind is cluttered with thoughts of fear, negativity or hopelessness.

The book I mention toward the end of this episode is worth a read is Letting Go by David R Hawkins.

I trust this episode will uplift and encourage you and anyone you choose to share it with as well.

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