Breakthrough With Coach Mickey Roothman

Hi there, I'm Mickey Roothman, a Transformational Breakthrough Coach, Speaker,, Strategist, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner and your host right here on Breakthrough. When life or business isn't going the way we want it to, all we truly want is a breakthrough. But most of the time we have no clue how to get it, right? On the Breakthrough Podcast each episode is jam packed with the most powerful and actionable tips, tools, strategies, guidance and advice that has worked for me personally and for hundreds of my clients. I want to help YOU to take massive leaps forward towards creating the life and business of your dreams, with absolute ease! If you're ready to get unstuck, move forward and finally get your BREAKTHROUGH then this is the place to be. The Breakthrough Podcast is the next best thing to having me and many other amazing mentors, coaches and thought leaders I get to chat with, as your own personal coaches and mentors on your personal and professional growth and development journey. HERE'S TO LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE Welcome & Enjoy!

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