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Paula & Craig Williams

Conquer Food Show | With Extreme Weight Loss & Food Addiction Experts Paula & Craig Williams Conquer Food, Eradicate Sugar & Create The Happy, Healthy Life You Lust ForAS SEEN ON TV: Secret From The UK's Most Effective Extreme Weight Loss, Food Addiction Rehab & Wellbeing Center - TEAM BootcampWHY LISTEN?In this section, I want to explain to you why the Conquer Food Podcast is the most valuable ally in your quest to beat food addiction, eradicate sugar from your diet or achieve non-surgical extreme weight loss.➤ Fully submerge yourself in your journey - I know first hand that when you on something big… I mean something life-changing... you have to give it everything! You have to completely immerse yourself in what you are doing. The CF Podcast allows you to listen and engage through your mobiles devices in the car, gym or on the move.➤ As it is - How it is - No Bull S*** - We have no hidden agenda… In fact, Paula and I hate the fact people are held hostage, caught in a constant cycle of turmoil because of food & fitness industry B/S. We won’t hide behind fitness & fat loss jargon or bull s*** fast fixes and fad diets. We will expose what is working right now in a no-nonsense manner… even if it’s not what you want to hear.➤ From the horse's mouth - Paula and I have spent years fighting fat and unhealthy relationships with food and you get all that experience PLUS centuries of top tips and advice from the huge network of expert guests and success stories that we regularly tap into.➤ Become part of something much bigger than you - The Conquer Food community is on the up. Originally started as an extension to our residential weight loss retreats, the Conquer Food programme has been featured on ITV, Skt TV, The Mail, Telegraph and many other media outlets. We're not stopping now... our mission is clear, our results are immense and our community is everything!!!➤ Recruit your mind as your greatest ally - Nowadays we coach thousands of people to Think, Eat & Move through fitness and nutrition, but our main focus is working on the top 6″ of your body!!! We’ll include mindset tips and tricks to help you convert your lazy fogged sugar brain into the mind of a winner!➤ Exclusive access to experts - I am constantly on the lookout for information that will help you. I am chasing down anyone with an interesting and motivating story to tell from war heroes to revolutionary doctors. You concentrate on listening and implementing the advice and trust Paula and me to get you good fuel for your brain!Hope you enjoy, Craig & Paula x

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