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#192-VW's AV plans, Germany's AV legislation, Tesla's FSD beta v9

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Today: VW’s impressive AV plans, Germany’s AV regulation, and Tesla’s FSD beta v9. All this... right now.

VW’s AV plans

VW has pivoted from being the leader is diesel fuel, to a potential leader in the EV space; and now it’s doing the same with its AV initiatives with everything from a software platform to its co-ownership with Ford of

Germany’s AV legislation

Germany seems poised to pass legislation allowing for driverless Level 4 autonomous vehicle driving on its roads come 2022, provided certain rules are adhered to, including and especially the use of remote backup drivers and assumption of all liability by the operators.

Tesla FSD beta 9

Tesla FSD beta 9 is here and I … discuss it. A bit. Sort of.

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