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#199-Sven Kopacz, Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent, formerly HP)

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Today's episode is the second installment in my two-part series on Keysight Technologies. Last time I was joined by Henrik Liebau where we discussed a bit of a teaser on Keysight's upcoming autonomous vehicle sensor testing suite in anticipation of their big reveal at CES 2022; today I'm joined by a colleague of Henrik's, Sven Kopacz, where we finally get to unpack and discuss in great detail everything about their incredible new Radar Scene Emulator (learn more and and here).

The RSE is an incredible bit of kit: a technology- and vendor-agnostic platform that enables high quality testing of autonomous vehicle sensor tech including lidar and radar to enable a faster and more cost efficient way for technology suppliers and OEMs to test, validate, and get their AV tech on the roads.

But beyond this big product announcement, Sven and I had a fantastically engaging, wildly meandering talk about all things AV -- and even EV -- as we discussed the challenges, promises, hopes, risks, and needs for the safer future we're all working towards.

On a personal note, a huge thank you to Sven for making this symbolic episode #199 such a special one for me; it's hard to believe we're fast approaching the 4-year mark with this podcast next month with episode #200. If you're a fan, please be sure to drop me 5 stars on Apple Podcasts and help me reach 100 ratings. Thanks very much!

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